A Psyche the Size of Earth

‘A psyche the size of Earth.’ I love that image. It’s the title of an essay by James Hillman, the greatest of influences on my own psychological practice, which introduced the collection of articles Theodore Roszak, Allen Kanner and Mary Gomez collated for their book Ecopsychology back in 1995. Hillman, I think, did more than [...]

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Women Remaking the World

I’ve just finished working on a new website which brings together all of my work and writing in one place (Re-enchanting the Earth will remain as a blog, though, and articles will appear as usual here, and in your email box if you subscribe). The website is at sharonblackie.net, and the tagline of the site [...]

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On belonging, and the storying of place

One of my favourite books on myth, story and place, Keith Basso’s Wisdom Sits in Places, focuses on the ways in which a sense of place and of belonging among the Western Apache people is tied up with stories that are embedded in the landscape. Their stories are born out of a magical mixture of [...]

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How story transforms

‘Native’ cultures around the world have worked for thousands of years with story. More than ‘worked with’ – been founded on, lived by. Why? Because, at the risk of being repetitive and using one of my favourite quotes yet again, ‘Stories go to work on you like arrows?… Stories make you live right?… Stories make you replace [...]

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