A Psyche the Size of Earth

‘A psyche the size of Earth.’ I love that image. It’s the title of an essay by James Hillman, the greatest of influences on my own psychological practice, which introduced the collection of articles Theodore Roszak, Allen Kanner and Mary Gomez collated for their book Ecopsychology back in 1995. Hillman, I think, did more than [...]

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The Mythic Imagination: a TEDx talk

‘Post-heroic stories aren’t focused on individual glory; they’re focused on community. On diversity. It’s not about slaying the dragon, but about harnessing his special skills – making him part of the team. It’s about understanding, and valuing, the black, feathery, croaking wisdom of a crow. It’s about living with a half-empty stomach so you can [...]

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Storylines in the bog

Boreen. Such a delicious word, lingering in the mouth with a hint of yearning, almost a keening; full-bodied for sure, bursting with abundant flavours of wildflower, turf and tree. From the Irish boíthrín, ‘little road’. A narrow lane, often unpaved. In this river valley which widens out to the north from the foot of Errigal [...]

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Re-storying the Earth

When I lived on the Isle of Lewis, every morning when I woke up and opened the shutters I looked out onto the silhouetted form of a sleeping woman in the hills to the east of us. I can still so clearly remember the contours of her face in profile, the rise of her chest [...]

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